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Why Choose Us

The Property Management services provided at YUKARI are custom tailored to suit Your Unique Property and Your Unique Needs! If you have a single rental home or hundreds of investment properties, trust the professionals at YUKARI Property Management to manage your property. Professional guidance and rigorous processes help you get the best rental rate, with quality tenants who stay longer and take care of your property.

What makes us unique?

We are specialists in both residential and commercial property services, we are constantly expanding in order to meet our clients requirements.We build houses, refurbish homes, we already have our own contractors and knowledge. With our single point of contact, we are able to offer an efficient and reliable service, saving you time and money and giving you peace of mind.

Our Management professionals oversee all aspects of managing your home, from the initial point of advertising the property, all the way through to the regular care and maintenance of your property. Our expertise extends to all facets of property management, including lease documentation, sales and rental marketing, on-site supervision, accounting, effective tenant relations, rent collections, managing homes for individuals Non- Resident status, service contract tendering and so forth. Our knowledge, regarding the “Rights & Responsibilities” of both landlords and tenants in Auckland, ensures that we are fully conversant with all current legislation governing such matters. Let our expert team make owning a revenue property an enjoyable and comfortable experience for you!

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Our Services

Residential Property Management

We have everything under control, no stress, peace of mind. Everything in one place, we can provide a fully working co-ordinated service, including handovers to maintenance plans at the highest quality customer service.

Commercial Property Management

Coming Soon

About Us

You have probably heard about Japan’s superior hospitality/customer service -----OMOTENASHI. This is truly our start of the journey as Property Management.

You are the most important person, our service comes from the heart. We like our owners/investors to be happy. We ensure the tenants are happy.

Providing the best possible experience to all our clients.

As being part of Japan Homes, our shared principle is the same. Let us take care of your precious investment property, our OMOTENASHI team will be assisting you in each process. Your property will be easily accessed by the online portal so all the property information in one place with an ease!

Management fees

The fee covers below

A very competitive fee of 7.95%-8.95% plus GST

* Inspections
* Credit check
* Resolving disputes
* Arranging repairs
* Income collection
* Finding tenants
* Market updates
* Rent reviews

{ Advertising campaign $399 }