Do we need insurance?

Under the RTA Act, tenants are now liable for the damage caused to a rental property.


根據《 RTA規定》,如有損壞租用地方,租客必須賠償。

tenant insurance policy

The common misconception of the landlord’s insurance is that the tenant’s belongings are covered by the insurance of the landlords. While it is true that the landlords have insurance, this usually covers the structural damage of the home in case of fire for example but not the loss of the tenant’s belongings such as furniture, electronics or clothes. 


What does the contents insurance cover?


 I am careful, I don’t own much stuff….but what if? One unfortunate thing happens. Yes, to good people. 


Generally, content insurance covers the items that are damaged/ stolen at your rental home. Different policies apply depending on your choice so have a good read and understanding of your policy to know what is included.


As a Property Manager, I recommend to consider personal liability insurance as you can be held liable for the damage caused at the rental home even for the damages caused by your friends or guests. 




Tenants are now liable for careless damage caused to a rental property, costing them the lower of four weeks’ rent or the landlord’s insurance excess.